Tuesday, June 16, 2009

His Name Is Little Bill

Well, presently, his name is Little Bill. We might change it to something a little more meaningful to us. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Carter and I decided to adopt another pup. I think it was more like I browbeat him until he submitted to getting a second dog. Never underestimate the power of persistant nagging I always say. Well, here the little man is...

I used to dislike the brindle, but after seeing it on Lu, I just love the little stripes. This guy's markings are pretty dramatic. Quite the tiger he is. He's a year old and about 20 pounds, but expected to gain a few more after everything's said and done. He is part Boston, and I'm guessing part Boxer with this strong of a brindle-flavored coat. He looks like a shrunken Boxer, a pygmie Boxer, if you will. With Lu barely pushing 15 pounds, he'll be just big and tough enough for her to roughhouse as much as she wants.

I've actually been thinking of this whole transaction like an arranged marriage for Lu. We're bringing in this suitable partner for her to learn to love. What would Lu's dowry be? Her treasure trove of shredded doggie toys? Stack upon stack of fluffy down comforters in which to snuggle? ...That's all I can come up with actually.

We're thinking of calling the new boy Linus, after Benjamin Linus. They will be Linus and Lu. Plus, Linus smacks of nerdy, piano-playing Linus from Peanuts, and I like things that harken back to nerds of any stripe... Get it? Stripes? Anyone?


Carter has also suggested tweaking Little Bill to White Power Bill (from Arrested Development). Lu's name originates from AR--Lupe, Lucille 1's maid, so I can appreciate the etymological consistency, but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. I'm not sure how that would go over around the dog park either. (Actually, it might go over frighteningly well at the dog park, judging by the charcters I have seen there.) I will admit that the episode that includes White Power Bill, the one where Tobias goes to jail, is one of my favorites. Also, any epidsode with Mrs. Featherbottom. If we were getting a female, maybe we'd name her Mrs. Featherbottom.

We actually had decided on Rousseau if it was a girl, a la Lost again, and we'd call her Roux for short. Lu and Roux. Plus, Roux, aside from being a nickname for the French philosopher, is also, I'm sure I don't need to tell you, a thickening agent of butter and flour used in soups and sauces. However, it is indeed a "moo" point b/c he's not a girl and will be Linus... or maybe White Power Bill. Just kidding. I would never.

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