Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good bye, Sweet Sara...

I feel like I should write out how much this group of women has meant to me over the last four (is it that long?) years or so, but I don't think I can adequately say what they given me, what a gift they've been. When we started meeting together as fresh newlyweds, I don't think we could have guessed that our larger group would whittle down to these particular four girls, but I know God put each of these women in my life (and faithfully in my living room on Monday nights) for a powerful reason. I treasure each of their personalities for different reasons, and I can see clearly the nuance each added to our little group. What I think Kristi, Sarabeth, and Jen have in common though is each has a loyal heart; each has a steadfastness that is so reassuring; each is faithful to Christ; and each has a remarkable devotion to her husband (and now children!).

I'm crying now as a write out what a blessing and inspiring lesson it's been to watch each of them step into their roles as wives and mothers. What an honor to pray for their parents and siblings and work and friends. I've seen big and small prayer answered in amazing ways. And we praise for the unanswered ones, too. What a blessing to witness J.D., Owen, Isaac, Bradly, Conley, and Anna come into the world and to pray for each of them as our bellies got bigger and bigger! And now what a blessing to celebrate a new job and an exciting move for a fourth of our little group.

I just want to say thanks, ladies, to all three of you. You changed my life.


iz said...

i couldn't agree more...thank you for sharing your sweet words, i just now have gotten to looking through blogs and your post brought water to my eyes...i miss you all and our community so much. i am so grateful to be able to reflect on God's goodness through our sweet little group and pray that we are able to continue our freindships despite the distance. have a blessed weekend!!! give little b a big old hug for me!

Kristi said...

Beth, This is one of the kindest and most thoughtful blog entries I could ever imagined would have been written with me in it. Thank you for what you have offered to our group as well. I must admit that I would not have known what to do without this group of friends to pray with during a few of the hardest times of my married and parenting days thus far. I cherish it!