Thursday, December 25, 2008

Perfect Day

I spent the ENTIRE day making cookies on Tuesday.  Can I think of a better way to spend five hours as I'm approaching Christmas?  No, I cannot.  What else could have been better when it was freezing cold outside and I could sip coffee and chat with Lu while rolling out my dough and dying my icing?  

Tangentially, this holiday season has been so much more enjoyable than previous ones, and I think it's b/c I have so much more time to do things the way I want to do them, to carry out my vision, if you will.  I like to do the chores required around Christmas:  making lists, shopping, wrapping, baking.  This is my stuff.  Normally, it's all shoved into the few hours between work and dinner and ends up being just a big pile of stress.  Maybe I could handle the housewifing gig.  I'm just saying...

Anyway, I made cut-out cookies for the in-law extended family gift exchange.  Edible gifts are my go-to gift of choice for pretty much anyone outside the immediate fam circle.  Is is inexpensive?  Yes.  Can I produce mass quantities?  Yes.  I meant to take pictures of all of them before I packed them up, but I forgot.  Oh well, here are some samples of the process and resulting delicacies.

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