Friday, May 8, 2009

Get off my back. I've been busy.

OK, hordes of readers, here's a post already. I'm sick of all the hounding from everyone.

Sooo... I'm not a waitress anymore. What a relief. And I mean that without a shred of irony. It was and still is one of the biggest reliefs of my life to not get off work at 11:00 at night and not have to deal with the uppity fine dining crowd and not have to wear the same style shirt every day. Any wine bottles I'm presently opening are for me alone. Just me. No sharing with any of you mooching drunks.

Currently, I'm employed by Colonial Risk Group. It's deliciously stressless. I sit in a chair, slowly sipping coffee, and scan things with my machine and only occasionally have to get up to take things to my boss to sign. Sometimes I take things down to the mail drop to stretch my legs. I'll stand and look outside and then head back up, checking out my outfit in the elevator mirrors. I burn a candle when I want and keep lots of snacks around and have three big windows that showcase trees and clouds. If there's no work, Boss Man sends me home. Oh, and my hours are nine to five. Plus, I get an hour long lunch break on which I go home, chat with Lu, eat peanut butter toast, and maybe catch the end of Barefoot Contessa before I have to head back. Tell me a better job. Well, maybe there's one out there, but not for me in my current mindset and season. The highight of the whole operation is the minimal chance of stupid people asking staccato-style questions. Also, not scraping a stranger's moist and mangled leftovers into the trash for them. That's nice, too. (Don't you hate the word moist? I have a couple sharp and wonderful friends who hate the words moist, flesh, and wound. Can you blame them? Gross.)

Also, I've been studying for the GRE, at first, with dedication, and now a little more lackadaisically. Hopefully, I'll apply to grad school this fall and start in January 2010. We'll see. My office assistantship might be too tempting though, and I might just live happily here into retirement.

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