Monday, January 24, 2011

Difference of a Year

Almost a year ago to the day, I posted about our house guest, my nephew. I remember thinking that keeping W that weekend wasn't that bad or intimidating or overwhelming and that maybe someday we could do parenthood... in like five years or so. It is totally blowing my mind that C and I had many plans in the works during that time but none of them included Bradly Baby... not even a gleam in anyone's eye.

And now we have about a three week countdown until her due date.

Spring 2010 came along and a few new ideas took root, so to speak, and obviously plans changed. Quite providentially. And planting and growth and waiting for buds took on a whole new significance.

That seems to be how C and I make major decisions: passionately thinking we've got the course charted, confronting new ideas, and very quickly hitching our wagon to a totally different star for a whole other course. It's exciting. Like going from our first date to our honeymoon in less than eight months exciting.

So here we are. Waiting. Some days patiently and some impatiently, for Bradly, for a whole new adventure.


monique said...

oh how i can't wait to meet that sweet baby! hazel needs her playmate!

Carter said...

wish i had something witty to say, but i'll just say i love you and can't wait...commence eye internet eye rolls.

Michele said...

This was so sweet. I love looking back and seeing how so many things have changed in just one year. I'm so excited for you!