Tuesday, January 26, 2010


W came to visit this weekend. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I forgot until that night.

This is after eating lunch at Jake's with Mimi, Poppa, and Uncle Carter, after going to the store, after playing with Lu, after playing with the toys Monique brought, after going for a walk, after watching everyone throw the football, after getting really muddy in the backyard, after throwing chicken nugget bits to Lu during dinner, and after taking a bath.

It is also after falling down twice on his face and getting a big red bump on his left eyebrow b/c he had on slippery socks while running around on the hard wood floors. Woops. We put his shoes back on to help with traction.

Everyone was tired that night b/c no one had gotten a nap that day, so we snuggled on the couch. Everyone slept really well because everyone was so tired.

We woke up the next morning, and W had a full diaper. Mom had warned me that he had "loose stool" b/c he had gotten a shot on Friday. Nevertheless, I changed the diaper. It was gross, but we survived. Then we cleaned up and got ready for church.

We had breakfast and even had enough time to play with Lu for a minute before we left.

All in all, I think everyone would say it was a fun and informative Saturday night.

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The Hayden Family said...

Your houseguest is adorable!