Monday, January 4, 2010

Cleaning Out Feels Good

In honor of our brand new 2010, I cleaned out our files last night. It was awesome. I shredded all the old stuff and came up with a more organized system of filing all the car titles and insurance junk and marriage license and transcripts, so I feel better about the loose papers and info and what have you. Yeah for consolidating!

I also painted and Wipe On Poly-ed this garage sale desk this weekend, so I was able to clean out the old messy desk and move everything over to the new glossy almond desk.

Here's the desk before.

And the chair before.

Here everyone is after a little straightening and primping. (Something needs to happen to the cork board, but I had other priorities yesterday.)

Look inside! I was also able to classify my crafting and wrapping supplies in the big, new desk. All my little friends each found a new clean home: ribbons, stickers, office supplies, papers, bags, yarns, et. al. It's like a cute little crafting condominium.

Did I ever show you the bed after it was painted? Here it is. The bedding is making me squirm a little, but what are you going to do?

Last, because I was cleaning and classifying the desk innards, I decided to get things together in the guest room closet, as well. It may not look like much to you, but it's considerably better than the tornado it used to be. Please note my letter jacket hanging there with the drill team patch on the shoulder. FYI, I was drill team captain. Captain of all the losers who couldn't make cheerleader. We wore heavy red lipstick and thick tan sparkly tights and sometimes feathers in our hair, like Las Vegas showgirls. I had a whistle, too. Oy.

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Monique said...

the desk is soooooo good looking, good thinking with the almond :)