Sunday, January 3, 2010


I ended up wearing the magenta dress because I put other one on, pranced around, and C told me it was too dressy, but I could have gotten away with it. Lesson: people like to dress up for New Year's, so don't be afraid.

I'm horrible about taking pictures, so these are the only three I have. What kind of hostess goes around taking a bunch of pictures anyway? I had other things to tend to.

The buffet included a cheese tray with crackers and fruits, Greek olive mix, spicy garam masala snack mix, chocolate bark, and the coup de grace... homemade caramels. We had a lot of the caramels left over, and I've had to limit myself to one a day because they are unbelievably bad for you, but ironically, unbelievably easy to eat five at a time. (Also, please notice the green bamboo cocktail napkins that I found at Tom Thumb. Cute, right?)

The bar. As if you couldn't tell, all these are phone pictures so just deal with it.

Some sparkly, sister and sister-ish guests.

Happy New Year!

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