Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Menu this week...

Mon: Chick en croute with spinach salad and shaved parm
Tues: Lemony salmon on brown rice with steam broc
Wed: Enchiladas with lime-flavored side salad
Thur: Chick stir fry with carrots, broc, green onions, snap peas on brown rice
Fri: Pizza with ricotta, toms, and thyme
Sat: Taco soup with cheddar cornbread

I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy all supplies for the week. I cannot stand going to the store for one or two things everyday that I need for dinner. Cannot stand it. Makes me angry. Therefore, I try to be very strategic in food aquisition.

While I was selecting my very last item yesterday in the store, a woman approached me.

She said, "Is that your basket over there? Over there with the purse in it?"
Me, "Yes."
She, "Your purse is in your basket, and your basket is unattended."
Me, "Oh..."
She, "I just wanted to let you know."
Me, staring and silent.
She, "I was watching you as you got your pesto and watching your basket, and at least SEVEN people walked by your basket. Your basket was unattended."
Me, staring and silent. (She had big, intimidating, saucer eyes.)
Awkward pause.
Me, "Thanks."
She, feeling vindicated in having chastised me sufficiently, walked away.
I, feeling annoyed with a stranger's meddlesome condescension, will be more likely to leave my purse unattended out of spite.

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The Hayden Family said...

okay, i am all fired up after reading abt that nasty specimen of shopper that got lippy with you. but the menu for the week calmed me down. i think i'm gonna dream abt it....