Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Do By Friday

I need to send Dr. Rachel Yeats an email and apply for an Academic Assistantship with UNT's English department for the fall.

Their website told me that I have to meet these requirements:

* Minimum score in the 50th percentile (score of 470) on the verbal portion of the GRE (I'm a little shocked that this is so low. I mean this isn't just admissions. It's grading and things. Hmm.)
* Complete Academic Assistantship application (It's your address and a couple open-ended questions. Not a problem.)
* Full-time status as a graduate student in the Department
of English (Well, I hope so.)

The website also told me that Academic Assistants’ duties may include the following:

* Tutoring students
* Grading papers and exams
* Giving lectures (Ooh!)
* Offering review sessions
* Preparing handouts (I'm like the best at handouts!)
* Enforcing course policies (What does this mean? I'm picturing billy clubs.)

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