Sunday, January 3, 2010

Berry Good Table

Brace yourselves. I found a six-foot, trestle table at Berry Good Buys for (wait for it) $125. Thank you Monique for the alert!

This table is perfect for five reasons: 1) the soon-to-be picked up and refinished pew will snug up to it like it was made for it; 2) the five turquoise chairs fit the other side and ends exactly; 3) the color blends with the floor, the chairs, and the soon-to-be refinished pew; 4) the six foot length fills up the dining room but still allows for ample space to walk around it into the living room; and 5) the style of the table isn't too country, and it isn't too contemporary. It's just right! Not to mention the price!

Here's the top. Ignore the scrabble box and gifts that need to be returned.

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