Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts on Work

I feel like 2009 was a somewhat unpredictable year in many ways but particularly in regards to my career. Two years ago, there's no way I could have predicted I would be where I am now, which, to put a positive spin on it, is sort of fun and exciting. These are my 2009 thoughts on work. Take them as you will.

I'm certainly not too good to be a waitress or a secretary.

I shouldn't let my identity come just from a job.

It still stings a little to tell people what I do for a living.

I take (perhaps excessive?) pride that I've had such a variety of jobs. Here, I will brag to you: Royall National Bank mail room, camp counselor (x2), dish washer, housekeeper, waitress (x3), inter-library loan, burrito roller, camp cook, elementary teacher, secondary teacher, caterer, secretary.

I habitually work with food, paper, and young people. Apparently, these are things with which I am comfortable.

Sometimes jobs are boring, but one of my dad's favorite phrases was "only boring people are bored," and as an adult, I agree. There's always something to do or learn or plan. When I say "plan," I really mean dream, but planning sounds much more active, and dreaming sounds much more passive and syrupy.

These things can make work unpleasant: lack of variety or challenge; ugly shoes; suspicious supervisors; constantly doing more than your share; cleaning others' messes; compensation disproportionate to effort; disrespect/aggression from clients, customers, or students; no windows; being artificially loud or excited especially early in the morning; ridiculously early start times; working on Saturday nights; Beowulf five years in a row; not being heard.

That's what I think.


Molly said...

i loved reading your work journey. and maybe loved even more the things that make work unpleasant!

Betty said...

Beth, i loved your post! You're being honest. So well-written!But believe me you seem to me such a nice person and all that counts is the personality ; and yours is great!