Sunday, January 3, 2010

I forgot Christmas.

It snowed Christmas Eve. We loved it...

except when we first got stuck in traffic and then later really got stuck on an icy and impassable summit on the way to my parents' house. It was tense in the Civic for a minute or two.

But I've found getting snuggley and warm in the house and decorating cookies tends to melt away all tension.

I like to decorate cookies for the fam.

This one was the sweetest.

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The Hayden Family said...

Those cookies are works of art. While I am sure that they are delicious, they are certainly too pretty to consume! Your talents know no bounds!!!!!!!!!!!

May I hire you to decorate cookies?! And may I claim them as my own? I have never seen any that cute! Eleni's ain't got nuttin on you!