Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pair of Chairs

I stole the pretty, matching, turquoise ikat chairs from House of Turquoise.

Currently, we have a pair of matching Goodwill chairs in our living room that I'm slowly growing to hate. They've been painted and recovered, and I used to love them, but now all I think is that the silhouette belongs in a dentist's office and I must have been on crack when I picked out that fabric.

I'm not getting my pair o chairs any time soon, but I've been looking at some cute couples.

Meet Hugo from Jayson Home and Garden. He's out of my price range, but it's free to look, right? I like this in the rough leather... but I'm hoping to some day get a straight-sided, roughed up leather sofa, so if I'm planning ahead, I probably shouldn't go after leather chairs, too. I'm a little afraid of large doses of leather furniture, also. Additionally, I can't imagine Barcelona chairs are really that comfortable.

I luv Canopy chairs. This one is from Jayson, too. I think they have a pair of this exact one at the Fort Worth Tillman's. I also like that it has a great big presence with actually taking up much floor space.

This guy is the Delano from Jayson. Nailheads and velvet and square. I do.

I put the Sienna on here just for contrast. White leather is scary, so I don't think I could ever come close to it, but I like the shape. FYI, Sienna costs close to $4000.

The Cameron from J.C. Penny's is almost exactly the same shape (ignore that ugly pillow) and in a much more appealing leather, and it only costs $899... which is still more than I can afford, but at least in the realm of reality.

Colin from Jayson is totally the wrong color, but I love wing chairs... but only if the wings aren't too overpowering and make the shape top-heavy. For the sake of price comparison again, the Jayson wing is around $1000 more than the following Ballard wing. Shocking!

This wing chair from Ballard is more traditional, but I'd get it in the ecru velvet like this, and that could be nice. One of my biggest time wasters is trying out different fabrics on different furniture on Ballard's website.

Like Linley from Ballard again, I like her best in linen.

And the Strasbourg in black linen stripe.

In all honesty, if I could actually get a pair of chairs right now, this willow print chair is what I'd probably get. I like the clean lines. I like the swoop arms. Our furniture is pretty thick around the ankles, so I like the legs on this one. I like the neutral pattern. But best of all, I like that it's from Target, and it's the most reasonably-priced one of the bunch.

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