Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Four Sofas and a Settee

Since I'm talking furniture, I might as well throw these out there. This is Sadie from Jayson. Tufts plus single seat cushion. She's done in a burlap/linen. I like to think of this shape as an updated Chesterfield.

This is Abbott, my long-time obsession.

This is Loring from Room and Board. Pretty in taupe velvet and swoop arms.

Room and Board's Hutton, who comes in so many perfect velvety colors.

As promised, the Madeline settee from Jayson.


um, yeah? said...
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Beth Wooten said...

Your choice surprises me. I would expect you to sway towards the straight-lined Abbot rather than the curved Sadie. I think I can come to terms with Sadie. Were you thinking Valentine's gift? If so, I accept.

monique said...

i love that settee