Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Love Love.

I really like Valentine's Day.

I get a little huffy when people say it's just about selling cards and boxes of chocolate. It is what you make it, and if you want it to be, it's a sweet celebration of getting to love the people you love. What's bad about that? Huh? If you don't want to buy cheesy pink paraphernalia, don't. But why get all defensive about an opportunity to show people around you that you love them? with a monstrous cake/raspberry eclair concoction?

(Off topic, I know, but I wanted to mention that someone I know always pronounces the "p" in raspberry. It's one part hilarious and one part obnoxious.)

A quick confession though... a sub-benefit of Valentine's is that it is a primo opportunity to cook and craft... and there are a LOT of sweet (in every sense of the word) sweets involved. I like making cards, and Valentine's cards for C get me really motivated to cut and paste away... especially now that I have the Crafting Condominium in the guest room. Martha suggested making cards with heads of romaine.

Aren't these pretty? Design Sponge suggested these cute cards from Hello Handmade. I love a wax seal! So old-fashioned and romantic. We had a "W" wax seal on our wedding invitations. I remember sitting at the dining room table and perfecting my wax melting technique with M.

This year, the Wootens have agreed to be frugal, and so we're not going to Fearing's or anything too wild, but I still like to think about cute date outfits. I love these big corsages that Design Sponge featured from Emerson Made.

We randomly received a Martha Stewart Magazine in the mail yesterday, addressed to A. C. Wooten (Mrs. Chanandler Bong). Of course, Martha is celebrating February's wonderfulness. Her suggested menu here sounds pretty good... except I can't bring myself to eat lamb.

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ms. mindless said...

I am LOVING those corsages. SO pretty!