Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Sooo... Sister and Wyatt's anniversary is this weekend, and I might have hastily promised to keep this little guy for them on Saturday. Did I mention he's almost two? Did I also mention that I told them we'd keep him OVERNIGHT?! Bah!

I don't mind during the day. That seems pretty enjoyable. He likes to be outside, so we can go for a walk and play with Lu in the backyard and go swing and slide at the park, and all that sounds like a good time to me. No problem. What gets me a little squirmy is bedtime. I do have an alternative lined up at Mimi and Poppa's house in case things get out of control.

But we told them we'd do it, so I should just stop being nervous and just do it. The crying and changing diapers won't be so bad. It'll be good for us. Right?

P.S. Carter and I have had a series of serious conversations debating this. He told me the other day that he won't change poopy diapers. (As you can imagine, these parameters were quickly vetoed.) He said he would get up in the night if he was crying, and he would walk him, but he didn't want to change the big-time diapers. Secretly, I'm thinking, "How many poopy diapers can he have in 24 hours? Surely this won't be that big an issue." Someone laughingly told me the other day about an explosive situation his very recently-born son had, where he and his wife both had poo all over their hands. LITERALLY! When I told C, I thought he was going to gag.

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The Hayden Family said...

I am chuckling! Please call me if you need anything, have questions or want to be initiated into the world of playdates!