Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Product Placement

Carter and I had happy hour on the back porch last week. We ate chips and salsa and I made pico... which I know is just salsa that hasn't gone through the blender, but our purchased pico had too much black pepper in it for me. I hate salsa with a lot of black pepper. Salsa should be heavy on the lime and cilantro in my book. We didn't even have dinner that night b/c we ate way too many Julio's. Have you tried Julio's? They good.

We also had sangria...

1. Boil about a cup of water with about half a cup (maybe more) of sugar and half a bag of frozen raspberries. Boil the water until the sugar is all melted and steep the berries as long as you can stand it. For me that's about 5 minutes.

2. Strain all the liquid into a big pitcher. Mashing the berries into the sieve and scraping the thick fruity mush off the bottom to add to your pitcher. You may be able do this without getting raspberry splash all over you, but alas, I cannot.

3. Tell your husband to clean up the mess you just made. (Just kidding... kinda.)

4. Pour in a bottle a red wine. If you can swing it, a bottle that has dark fruity notes like cherries or blackberries is best. If not, who cares?

5. Pour in lemon soda or Sprite or bubbly whatever to taste. I would say about a fourth of a two liter bottle at the most (that would be half a liter if you're counting).

6. Squeeze some lemons, limes, and/or oranges in there.

7. Pour it over ice and love it.


Molly said...

yum...julios and sangria. when should we be over?

um, yeah? said...

this happy hour was preparation for the day and a half ahead...

Beth Wooten said...

Don't talk like that. You said it wasn't that bad.