Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Behind Closed Doors

I know everyone has their own list of staple items they always try to keep in the pantry and frige, but I thought I'd list mine here. I feel like I couldn't get by without these little go to players.

Pepperidge Farms puff pastry sheets--They can go sweet or savory, make things seem fancy, and are EASY.
Frozen spinach--Spinach, shroom, parm pie is easy and cheap.
Chick breasts (so cutting edge)
Frozen berries--for smoothies, dessert sauces, and filling in between cake layers
Nuts--for jazzing up cookies and brownies or as a salad topping
Hashbrowns--obviously a nice treat on Saturday mornings but also works under any kind of curry dish or as a way to mix up your starch if you're tired of rice or potatoes

Pillsbury pie shells--I think I mentioned the spinach pie.
White wine--mostly for risotto but also for other applications
Milk and eggs (shocking)
Heavy cream--for cooking but I've gotten to the point where even half-and-half in my coffee seems watered down
Pesto--on pasta, on salmon, on chicken, on sandwiches, on everything
Block of Parmigianno Reggiano
Grated cheddar
Salsa--snacking and saucing enchiladas
Thyme, rosemary, parsley, cilantro--I think fresh herbs are one of the best things anyone can do to liven up their cooking.
Carrots, onion, celery, broccoli, spinach--stews, sides, salads
Green apples
Mustard--sandwiches obviously, but also to coat the inside of a quiche shell or any savory pastry shell, to emulsify any dressing
Canned Pillsbury pizza dough--what else am I going to do on a Friday night?

Pantry Starches:
Aborio rice--risotto
Breadcrumbs/Panko--beefing up crab cakes, breading chick or fish
Brown rice
Bow tie pasta
Quick cooking oatmeal--for breakfast and baking
Bisquick--They have the best and easiest recipe for drop biscuits right on the box. I add cheese or herbs or whatever I have. These biscuits never fail.

Pantry Misc.:
Balsamic vinegar
Olive, vegetable, sesame oils
Cumin, cinnamon, curry, red pepper flakes, whole nutmeg, paprika, Chinese 5 spice, Fajita seasoning
White truffle oil--sparingly on risotto, pasta, pizza
Chocolate chips, brownie mix, peanut butter--desperation desserts

Pantry Cans:
Rotel and diced tomatoes--I think the one time that canned is better than fresh; fresh tomatoes are mealy and watery for 3/4 of the year... maybe more.
Black beans! Lots of black beans!
Other beans... usually kidney and cannellini--for taco soup and cassoulet respectively
Campbell's tomato soup

Tell me your go-to ingredients.


The Hayden Family said...

you have now enhanced my pantry etc immensely. my husband is going to want to write you a formal thank you note.

kawooten said...

I want to come live in your pantry.

ally007 said...

LOVE. your lists. i would have to add Campbell's cream of anything to the pantry. I'm not sure a wintery week goes by without adding a can or two.

Also, I'm discovering more ways to use greek yogurt...dressings, dips, and breakfast to say the least. it is fast becoming a new staple.

ps- have I ever told you how much i LOVE your blog.