Thursday, December 31, 2009


What should I wear tonight?!

Remember this party is at our house, not some fancy place.

Behind door #1 we have Tuf (Yet Sensibly Warm) Girl with white shirt underneath, long edgy multiple-chain necklace, and black hose and heels for stomping? (Please note that this warm, wooly dress is fairly short on long-bodied me and, also, it has cute pleats and pockets.)

Or behind door #2, we have this Party Princess, which I got a year ago and have never found an excuse to wear. I lurve this dress: fits well, funky one shoulder action, crazy wintery fabric, poufy skirt... but is it too fancy? What should I do?

Also, check out Erin's post on New Year's dressing for all ages. I die.


Jennifer said...

I love them both, but please tell me you siezed the day with the flouncy party dress! If you can't pull it out on nye, when can you?

Betty said...

Ξ—ere's hoping everything you wish for comes true in 2010!
Have a very happy New Year!

kawooten said...

Imagine my surprise when I clicked the link, and "all ages" stopped in the 40s! lol! Well, okay, so I didn't need an outfit to sit on the sofa and watch TV, but I did stay up til midnight! :) I heard your party was a great hit - Happy New Year! love you! Kitty

Kirsten Sue said...

Such fun dresses!