Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was mildly obsessed with the musical Newsies when I was in... high school. I knew the characters. I knew the songs. I might have known the dances. Shut up.

It came to mind again a few weeks ago when Carter used some turn of phrase. It must have been when we were going to NYC or just back or something b/c I began to shout the line (spoken by Vinny of Doogie Howser) when he says "That's what so great about New York!" and then promptly slaps the table. (I could be wrong, but I think it's just before the famous number "I'm the King of New York.") Naturally, I revived this phrase and accompanying gesture and began applying it as often as possible. I do it in my New York accent, and as everyone knows, I have a real talent for accents and imitation. I am regularly asked to do my remarkable Harry Potter rendition.

Anyway, all this to come around to the point that I'm hawking a publication of great esteem in this post. The December Lonny is available now, so get the lead out, don't be a scabber, and don't forget Santa Fe. That doesn't even make sense. I know. I just wanted to indulge in a little Newsies nostalgia.

Get your fix:


Clay said...

open the gates and seize the day---this makes me more obbsessed with you....and thanks for the lonny heads up! :)

also this is monique on clay's computer

Molly said...

i'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat when i read your post title...oh, the hours spent hitting pause on the vcr to make sure we get the dance steps down and the pride when we got it right!

Molly said...

oh, and remember the girl? come on christian bale, we were SO much cuter than her! ugh.