Friday, December 18, 2009


Have you browsed Forever21's website lately? Do.

Waffle knit. Word.

Peacock blue bolero

Am I too old to do these with tights?

This fills the empty orange-y red niche in my scarf collection.

Maybe a little too sexy, but if it wasn't too tight, I think it could be nice.

By the way, this is classified as a "dress" online. I think we can agree it is not a dress, but it would be cute with jeans.



Kinda pretty, right? But I have a feeling this doesn't fit anyone well.

Too much? What do you think? It looks a little like something from the maternity department... from which I have no problem culling a morsel or two.

This is a party skirt.

I love them. I don't care what you think. I just love them, and in a closet full of black shoes, they'd provide some nice variation.

I don't do leggings per se, but I could under this. Those tights are too sheer. I'm embarrassed for her.

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