Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just want to note that there are 20 (scratch that--18) items on my To Do List. I'm so intimidated that I don't even want to look at it.

1. make menu and groc list
2. get groceries
3. pick up desk in Euless

4. get X gift card for Mom (I'm trying to be discreet b/c you never know--she might read this. She told me she couldn't sleep the other night, so she got online and was reading the blog.)
5. Clay's X of X (Again with the mystery.)
6. check Container Store for cute contact paper
7. email S., L., J., and prayer group girls
8. make cinnamon honey butter

9. pedi with Kitty next week?
10. Craigslist dining table

11. check on auction items
12. call State Farm about new car!
13. to UNT ENGL dept: personal stmt, writing samples, rec. letters
14. plant rye grass
15. Marge's shower groceries
16. refinish pew
17. paint my desk (not happening any time soon)
18. NY Eve menu: olives, spicy parm popcorn, cheese plate, salted caramels, choc bark with pistachios (gray and white tissue paper pom poms?)

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