Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A cozy evening at home

Lu napped last night.

Carter played his soccer game. (Can you see Lu under the TV?)

This is what I worked on.

That's the beginning stages of an inside out slip cover for the orange chair. This orange chair, the one ravaged by Lu's fury of playfulness and love of fluff.

It's looking alright. I am by no means skilled at upholstery or sewing and you do not want to see any of this up close, but it can't get any worse than what it was. I've abandoned all other party preparation needs in order to work on this. I'm getting close. I've uttered some choice insults at the bobbin, but we're getting along much better after an informative video online yesterday.

P.S. My experience making the slipcover has been made more poignantly and literally painful because I tried to work off my holiday indulgence at the gym the last two days and am now sore. I was actually shaking as I was leaning over and squatting and what not.


Betty said...

Came back to tell you that i'm now follwing. I thought that i was linked . I' m so sorry.
BTW, wishing you all the very best for 2010!!

Betty said...

You are very skilful. Good for you!
Your puppy is so cute!!

TNC said...

Oh Lupita Maria, I miss you so much. Your little face. Its so beautiful. I want to kiss those soft jowls. Your mom should submit that picture to CuterOverload. Or Vogue.
And, B, mad props on the chair! I love your design and you did such a good job. Did you get a cord for your sewing machine? Please don't tell me you did it by hand.
And I'm in Dickson, TN. planning on driving to Charlotte, NC today. Virginia on the second.

Mandy said...

i once made slipcovers for my sofas in college. it was quiet the experience! i admire your skills, my friend. how'd it turn out?