Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad Dogs Have More Fun

Pup has many wildly creative hobbies.  First, she is an opinionated style diva.  Every once in awhile she objects to my poor fashion choices, specifically pointy toed stilettos.  Her distaste for these specific shoes compels her to furtively sabotage my clumsy attempts at style.  Or maybe she thinks I'm too tall for heels of this variety.  Apparently, stilettos belong only to petite hotties like Pup herself. In any case, her mode of attack may take one of two fronts:  the pointy toe or the tip of the heel. Either attack is equally successful because either will render the said shoe totally unwearable.  I am strong-armed into submitting to the whims of my canine stylist.

Aside from her interests in fashion, Pup also studies interior design.  She enjoys secretly redecorating our spare bedroom.  She surprises me regularly by improving our guest room quilt.  She objects to certain patches on the quilt and systematically removes offending patches and pulls out the extra fluffy stuffing underneath.  

The quilt is far too shabby chic for a urban dog with mid-century modern tastes like Pup.  I've seen her browsing online for an Eames chair and cashmere throw on which to sleep instead of her ridiculously cramped crate in this tacky guest room.  I'm constantly sewing new patches on the quilt to try to repair it, but she will not be satisfied until it is gone and I've redecorated with an updated motif.  

Here she is closing her eyes so she doesn't have to see the tacky decor.  Redecorating is exhausting work.

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