Sunday, November 2, 2008


I took my one and only cruise with some oldtime girlfriends about five years ago.  Parts of that trip were acutely un-fun.  When I walked in our cabin, I thought there was a mistake b/c three people definitely couldn't all stay in that closet-sized space.  I was wrong--we slept and showered and dressed in there all together as one big irritable family.  While we were in Honduras, I got sand flea bites over MY ENTIRE BODY.  I had to have others apply Calamine lotion for me, and it was the fugliest thing I've ever had happen to my body, not to mention really uncomfortable (not helping my irritability problem.)  

I turned thirty in July.  All of the oldtime girlfriends turned thirty during the past year or so, and we decided to take a trip to Cancun to celebrate the milestone.  I was a little nervous after the cruise experience, but overall, everyone had a good time.  Say what you will about all-inclusive places; they allow you to eat, drink, and get tan with a minimum of decision-making stress.  We had a lot of fun in our thirty-something way.  We did typical beach resort things... 

We ate mediocre food.

We drank pink alcoholic bevs.

We participated in silly resort activities.

One of us went para-sailing, while the rest of us were cheap and just watched (and ate guacamole).

We read chick lit through ridiculously large sunglasses while sweating on lounge chairs.

Lesson learned from Cancun:  cuidado with any kind of straw hat.


leahdi said...

I'm posting a comment. Please note this is the first time i have EVER posted a comment on a blog. So far this morning at work I've done three things. 1) ate a donut 2)drank coffee 3) read your blog. I find it awesome. And ironic that our Bethie is blogging. Beth. the girl who didn't text until about a year ago. Beth. the girl who used a word processor for four years (and beyond) in college. Beth. the girl who still (far as i know) does not have an ipod. Going to go so far as use the term "luddite." I love it! Reading this I find myself wanting to ramble on and on about my love for television, the most recent movies I've seen, how much I wish i could afford groceries from Central Market and more. It just makes me want to talk and talk about nothing. Ahh, the beauty of the blog.

leahdi said...

Yes, i'm posting again. I can't stay away. I wanted to comment on the fact that my mom, while looking at my Cancun pics, immediately pointed that we are all wearing oversized sunglasses. I feel like such a slave to fashion...