Friday, November 21, 2008

Hub's dinner

Enchiladas are my go to dinner choice.  I say enchiladas...  They're not an authentic enchilada--more like my quick and easy version of an enchilada.  If my boss were to see the abomination I call an enchilada, I think he would laugh at them, but nevertheless, they're tasty and cheap and convenient to leave for Hub to cook on his own while I'm waiting tables.

First, you take the beans and the Rotel...  (Why do all my pictures get reversed when I try to upload them?)

Then you take the gigantic bag of pre-grated cheddar and shake out a little bit into the bowl...

Next, you drain the canned goods...

Then add various spices.  I like fennel seeds, cumin, and paprika.

Mix it up nice so that it looks like this...  Enchilada innards look pretty gross.  It's just the way it goes.

I prefer Central Market butter tortillas.  After using them once, I can't go back to the bland cardboard of supermarket tortillas.

Then spread the mix in tubular fashion on the buttery tortilla.  (Maybe sneak an extra tortilla from the bag for a snack at this point.)

Squash all the rolled enchiladas into ceramic baking dish.  Smother with salsa of choice.  Bake it up for about 30 minutes on 350 or so and enjoy pseudo-enchiladas!

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TNC said...

Why would you want gourmet enchiladas like these when you could have late night rice cakes and 7-11 coffee? And then your neighbor who works at a fancy-schmancy restaurant could catch you in the act of bringing home said rice cakes.
Gouda and Fanny propose that if Lu is tired of your decor that she should move uptown. Perhaps to a nice humane society shelter. Fanny secretly hopes that the shelter is not too humane, though, thus extracting her revenge.
And I love that your pictures are backwards. Truly perfect.