Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bedroom Crafting

My parents' very retirement community-ish neighborhood hosts a community wide garage sale twice a year.  It's beautiful.  Yard after yard of junk--unbelievably cheap furniture and tacky jewelry and old dishes.  I haggled with a resident to 1) separate this stool from the vanity set to which it belonged and 2) to lower the price to a reasonable rate for 4:00 in the afternoon.

When I brought it home, I painted it gray (currently spray painting everything in the house gray and/or gold), lacquered it up all shiny and nice, and then recovered the seat with a shrunken cashmere sweater for luxurious softness for Hub to perch on.

I love Top Design on Bravo.  On the season finale, Nathan makes a huge painting to hang in his dining room (I think) where he essentially just dribbles paint down a canvas and then hangs it on its side.  It was cool.  I copied.

I hung it over the armoire behind the birds with a plaid suitcase posed underneath.  I felt like our room needed a little edge, and nothing says edge like dressed up splatter paint.  (You can see the curtains in this picture, too.  They are actually tablecloths I got a Target for $5 each.  That's $20 total for my huge, perfectly coordinating curtains.  It was like an angel handed them to me.)

I've had these antique doors hanging in our room since we moved in.  They were nice but pretty boring.  I was longing for a little dose of print in our fairly tame bedroom, and West Elm has this overlapping squares pattern on some of their furniture.  Alas, I cannot afford their cool chairs, but I can afford a bottle of dove gray acrylic paint, so problem solved.

These are the first thing you see when you walk in our room, and they were begging to be dressed up.  I like that it's strong and graphic and masculine but still in the muted palate.  

This is our flock.  Hub does not like the birds even though I explained that they have a very Anthropologie feel.  He doesn't share my obsessive love.  He continued to insist that the white one looks at him while he plays XBox, and secretly, I agree.  The white one does stare somewhat eerily at you.  Nevertheless, I insist on liking them.  I feel like they add a sparkly feminine element.

This little fat one is my favorite.  He's perched on my best Christmas ornament with a Spanish moss nest.

I'm not sure what to call this.  I think it's just a section of antique molding, but I prefer to call it a mantle.  I glued some favorite quotations to it and tea-stained the paper to mute the white and give it a little character.  Now that I'm looking at the picture I feel like it shouldn't be hung so high over the headboard.  Speaking of the headboard, it's sort of a work in progress.  I recently recovered it in this velvet-esque cream fabric, but it needs upholstery tack trim or...  something.

Here's a close up of the mantle.  

This last one is not necessarily a craft project, more like just a vignette on our chest of drawers.  

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