Monday, January 26, 2009

Chicken Curry in a Hurry

Gather ingredients...

Beware: gross raw meat image.  Sprinkle hot curry powder (about 3 tablespoons depending on the kind of curry you have) and cinnamon (about 1 teaspoon) on cubed chicken.  Salt and pepper chicken and stir to coat.

Using the same pan, brown chicken on both sides in olive oil.  Don't cook--just get rid of the gross white chicken color.  

Return onion and zucchini to pan with chicken, and pour in chicken broth and whipping cream until it almost covers them.  The chicken will braise in the liquid and finish cooking here.  Stir it every once in awhile and let it thicken a little bit.
While the sauce is coming together, make your rice.  Brown rice is much better with curry than white.  If your rice is not fast cooking, you may want to cook it before you start the curry, and let it steam while you're getting everything together.  P.S.  Don't ever use instant rice.  It's disgusting.

Spoon rice in bowls and top with curry mixture.  Then garnish with cilantro (or basil) and cashews (or almonds or whatever you have).  Let your significant other admire your ethnic cooking skillz.

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The Hayden Family said...

Salivating and swooning over your culinary prowess. It's on the docket this week. Thanks a million- you ROCK. Now, just gotta find some square plates...