Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Raspberries in Champagne Gelee

These are also known in many circles as Jello shots.  I have dressed them up and called them gelee.  I was going to make them for a friend to take to a baby shower when two complications arose:  first, moms-to-be probably shouldn't be gulping Jello shots, and second, they do not taste good.  at all.  Maybe it was b/ I bought the cheapest Champagne I could find.

(Does Champagne get capitalized when you're referring to the beverage rather than the region?  My gut says yes, but I really don't know.  How embarrassing.  I'm a failure at cooking and capitalizing.)

They look pretty though.  I think anyway.  See the cute little raspberries?  If I used fancy sparkling lemon/orange soda and added a little sugar...  maybe grated a little bit of lemon/orange zest in there, I think these could be winners.  Oh well.

Did anyone read the Madeline books growing up?  Don't these look like little French school girls all lined up, ready to follow their nun around Paris?

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