Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Living Room Pics

A certain neighbor instructed me to put some pictures of my living room up for a friend to see.  Friend, if you're reading this, don't judge me too harshly.  I like bright things and lots of patterns--be warned.  I will say that if I could change anything, I would tone down the wall color about two shades.  It is just too much with everything else.  If it was muted a little, I think the room would look significantly better, but when I chose it, I was just excited to get married and wasn't thinking clearly.

This is obviously the couch and coffee table.  My apologies for for messy photography.  Can anyone spot a cute black and white doglet in this photo?

I got this chair at a garage sale for $50.  Hub thinks they should have paid me $50 for hauling it away for them, but I like it.  Also, you can't see in this picture, but it's best feature is that it's a big fat rocking chair, too.  Doesn't it make you want to hold babies?

Here's the TV and flanking gigantic speakers.  Hub hates the tiny TV and loves the oversized speakers.  Please ignore the tacky CD player wires behind the television.

This is my collection of vintage suitcases, topped with a tea set given as a gift from my sis this Christmas.

The orange chair to the left belonged to my grandmother many years ago before she passed,  and I took it to college with me.  Many angsty poems were written in this chair.  My sister inherited it for a bit while I was in Honduras or starting work at Everman.  I can't remember when exactly.  I got it in the end though.  Victory.
I got both of these at Goodwill for $15 each and recovered them with awesome/horrible fabric depending on your taste.  I love this square shape.

Shelves.  They're sinking a bit in the middle, eh?  The black book on the bottom shelf behind the "Z" was one of the first gifts Hub ever gave me.  It's a second edition copy of On the Road.  I think I married him solely for his gift giving ability.  He is a mind reader when it comes to stuff like this.

Will you please stop taking pictures?!  I'm trying to nap over here.  


TNC said...

Dear adorable doglet,
Your style is amazing. I imagine you lying on the couch directing your human to rearrange as per your instructions. One question: why am I the "certain neighbor" and Jenny gets to be "Friend?" Is it because of my Dysonnapping habits? I love her. She is like housewife crack.

The Hayden Family said...

Beth, your home is amazing. It combines style and function with a ton of personality. Is there anything you can't do? Seriously.

Hope to see you soon.