Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting Fancy

So, of course, I've been mulling over what to wear.  Presently, I have four contenders in the running.  Pros for the first dress are as follows:  it has 3/4 length sleeves and a heavy satin fabric so I would be warmer, and it has a jazzy print.  Cons:  the jazzy print might be a little too wallpaper-ish, and I find a swing/babydoll cut dress suits casual day wear more than evening fete wear.  Plus, with my broad shoulders, sometimes it's not the most flatteringly feminine style for me. 

In contrast, dress #2 is probably the most flattering of the four options--it's black, close fitting but not too tight, and it's my favorite length.  Plus, it has pretty tucks and pleats along the neckline.  However, it's a little blah.  I mean, could I BE any more predictable?  LBD, anyone?

The third dress is navy with black lace, and I've, um, tailored it to make it work a little better.  I chopped off a couple of layers at the hem so that it doesn't hit right in the middle of my thick calves and make me look like a schoolmarm.  I didn't even have to hem it b/c the top layer covers where I cut it.  Just don't look inside.  I also took some of the leftover lace from the bottom and stitched it inside the V-neck.  Normally, I like a V-neck, but this one was just kinda funky.  Plus, I like that the scalloped edge hits right under the collarbone.  And I love black lace.

Last, and currently the leader, is a satin, eggplant bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding last February.  It has black velvet straps and trim.  I really like the color, and it just looks like a party dress to me.   
I think I'll wear different shoes though.  Open toe fancy shoes?  (Please ignore the sideways picture.  Fixing it would have stressed me out.  Just tilt your head, and it's not a problem.  Right?)

Maybe different earrings, too.  I think something with more dangle with my short hair.  This kinda makes me miss long hair...

Here's Dad and Sis dancing outside...   Sara had a relatively small wedding at the Inn at Lake Granbury.  Mom and Dad live in Granbury, and we had the whole inn to ourselves, and it was so great.  The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were both there Friday night.  When we woke up Saturday, we walked down to the square and messed around there for awhile.  Then Sis got ready in her room with everyone.  They had the ceremony outside in the courtyard area, and the reception was in  the meeting/ballroom. After everything, our family hung out in front of the fire until bedtime.  Everything right there.  It was so much less stress than mine...  Plus, since it was a small guest list, we really got to spend time and visit with family, and not as much nervousness standing up in front of all those people, ... and all the food was so good.  Bananas Foster french toast, mmm.  If I had known how much fun her wedding would be, I might have made some different choices.  Oh well.  Cest la vie.


The Kelley's said...

Beth!! I am hoping your are talking about Brett's wedding and that we will see you there?? I am so glad you are going! We haven't seen you in ages and can't wait to catch up!! I read your blog all the time- I love it and it cracks me up!

The Kelley's said...

Oh, and I set up a blog but never write on it. I'm afraid it will be really lame and uninteresting. And I never stick with anything I start, so why start now?