Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All I think about...

is stuff with which to fill our new house. Judge me if you must, but I have a lot of free time to peruse the internet for beautiful housewares. I have been drooling lusting over many a ridiculous item, but these are my top five presently. Let the confession begin.

Gimme this dining room table. It seats 10-12! I must have it!

Gimme this pendant for the living room. It's so geometric.
A huge one of these in black, please. 10' by 14' would be just right.

I'll take a pair of these. Look at that shade.

And my favorite... I could fill my living room with these and just roll around on all of them.

1 comment:

The Hayden Family said...

when you get that fabulous dining table, may i be one of the 10-12 guests feasting on your haute cuisine? pretty please?