Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2

Here we are enjoying our private breakfast outside the inn. We even went to the gym after this. Colorado has a healthy influence, or maybe it was our guilt over eating greasy starches for dinner.

Hub stocked up on assorted microbrews he can't get in Texas, and then we headed to Fort Collins to New Belgium, which in hindsight, we should have skipped.

It is a pretty slick operation, and the tour was pretty much just propaganda for New Belgium as an employer and company and not so much about the product they produce. The whole place was completely packed with people too, so there wasn't any place to sit. All in all, if I could do it over, I would have totally omitted Fort Collins and gone on to hang out with my family in Loveland. Oh well.

I did have a very Laverne and Shirley moment here though. We're going to make it...

More big beer tanks!
We did have dinner with my family that evening. They have an awesome house and backyard, but unfortunately we were too busy talking, eating lasagna, and playing wiffle ball that we forgot to take any pictures. I have a question: what do you call your cousin's kids? Is that a cousin once removed? Or is that a second cousin? Anyhoo, my cousin's son, Zack, who is around 5-ish, has a six-pack and can school you and everyone you know in wiffle ball, baseball, and probably every other sport. It is curious to watch natural athletic talent in such a miniature body.
After dinner and dessert, we drove throught the canyon to Estes Park for the night. We had a hot tub on our balcony!

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