Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Thing I Really Like

My friend David Lebovitz took this picture, and I stole it from his Flickr page. He's not really my friend, but he could be.
All this to say that the picture illustrates one thing that I really like. Specifically, in this case, when you're breaking eggs for a cake or pancakes or whatever and you get to stack the empty shells one on top of the next in the carton and then kinda push down on them so they crack and fit perfectly together like a puzzle and become one compact unit of thing. The general trend of the-thing-that-I-really-like is for things to fit together perfectly in the smallest space possible. Conversely, the things I really don't like are loose extras, leftovers, remainders, objects without a place, cacophony, wasted time and opportunity. When I eat at a fast food place where I have trash after my meal, I like to tuck my straw into my cup, ball up my napkin/plate/whathaveyou and fit them all in the cup, so that they're not strewn across the table. Sometimes I like to do this for Hub's trash, too. It's very satisfying when things fit perfectly.

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