Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 4

This was our Estes hotel... or rather the parking lot of our hotel. Why do my legs look like that? I should not stand like that in pictures. Remind me if we're ever about to take a picture together. Also, at a distance sometimes khaki shorts make you look naked.

Anyway, we checked out on Saturday morning, and skipped breakfast so we could pick up a little gooey goodness on our way through Glen Haven. To our surprise, Glen Haven was having a pancake fundraiser for their volunteer firefighters, including a live band singing "America the Beautiful," an old woman hawking raffle tickets, grizzled mountain firemen loitering on a bench outside the general store, and sundry crafts for sale. It was one of those experiences that was so wonderfully, stereotypically... Americana-ish. Look, there's even a flag waving lazily in the photo. Luckily for us, despite the pancake fundraiser, there were still the famous Glen Haven cinnamon rolls for sale in the general store. Can you see that white mass in Carter's hand? That's the cream cheese slathered cinnamon roll to which I'm referring. Are you jealous? We ate them al fresco across the street in the shade.

With bellies full, we drove into Denver to The Brown Palace Spa. Trip Advisor ranks a spa treatment at The Brown Palace as their #1 activity in all of Denver. Here we are post-treatment and agreeing with all the voters on Trip Advisor.

Hub quickly aquainted himself with the intricacies of our hotel television.

Again with the sideways picture--I know. The bathroom was predictably awesome.

However, what was a surprise was a bright blue bag we received at check-in that included this little guy. I made our reservations over the phone and must have mentioned we were celebrating our anniversary, but look at the attention... "Happy 4th Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Wooten!" That's us! We get to use the yummy-smelling, effervescent bath ball!

Now, some might not care about this, but I did. Turn your nose up if you choose, but be real--everyone loves luxury. And I really love sophisticatedly scented bath products.

We went to dinner at Mizuna and had one of our all time greatet meals together. The place was awesome but not too pretentious. Our server was attentive and relaxed but not too chatty. And the food was THE BEST. There was not a single thing they put on our table that wasn't great. The bread, THE THREE FLAVORS OF BUTTER, my martini, our salads, THE CHEESE ON HUB'S SALAD, his ostrich loin and involtini, my duck medallions and CONFIT, and our lemon tart with duo of berry compote. All great. But the item that got the most attention was their housemade tonic that composed a portion of Hub's gin and tonic. We asked our server about it, who brought the GM, who brought the chef's wife who makes the stuff herself. We now know all about preparing tonic. Even the valet guys were cool.

We came back and rested for a minute before walking down to Falling Rock Tap House, supposedly the best beer house in the nation. Meh. We had some good beer, but I didn't think it was anything special. We did pass by an unusual amount of vomit on the sidewalk on the way to the tap house. We came upon the vomit by surprise. First, I was just chatting and walking, and then, there it was! On the brick! On the steps! On the curb! Everywhere! I nearly stepped in it, so I tried to turn and escape, and I nearly stepped into it again. Of course, I was not dramatic at all about so much vomit. No gagging here.

When we got back to our room, they had turned down our beds. Of course. Chocolates are to be expected, but they cleaned up, turned down our lights, and turned on some soothing romantic music... actually I think it was some variety of Michael Jackson tune. He's everywhere lately.
Now with that, I wish I could say we had a great night's rest, but due to some other guests, we didn't. What are you going to do? We did have awesome room service french toast and eggs benedict the next morning though. Then got in the car for the beat down that was our 12 hour drive home. All in all, not too shabby a way to celebrate being a husband and a wife for four years.

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You shoulda kept the other rowdy guests up all night with some crazy rompin'!!! You know what I'm sayin???