Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boot Ranch Weekend

We took a trip to Fredericksburg last weekend with Carter's parents, his brother and Monique, and the Kelley family.

We had fun. Carter was adamant about visiting Texas Monthly's #3 Best Burger at this swanky little joint, Alamo Springs something or other. He thoroughly enjoyed his meal.

We did a lot of hanging out in the main house,

reading magazines, eating cookies, dominating the men in Catch Phrase,

talking, drinking beer, catching lightening bugs,

taking sunset drives in the golf carts, snoozing in cushy beds, playing pool,

cooking and letting others clean up,

(I think someone didn't want to have his picture taken in his glasses, so here's the revised version, too.)

and shopping in town. I came home with a smelly candle, a new pastry bag, and an extra large star tip for piping icing.

They weather was perfect. I even squeezed in a golf lesson. This was the view from the porch of Carter's and my sleeping cabin.

It was a perfect spot for reading and enjoying the breeze.

And taking in the pretty wild flowers.


monique said...

great pictures...that was so much fun, can we just go back?

Anonymous said...

we ate there!!!! i was a little skeptical at first, but after i warmed up to the concept i realized how delicious the food was and learned i need to trust texas monthly more!