Monday, May 3, 2010

Cook, Cook, Cooking all Week!

This week is chocked full of cooking and catering. I've mentioned the ten-person interactive dinner party on Tuesday night in a previous post.

I'm also looking forward to making a Mother's Day brunch with my sis on Sunday morning.

Image from Fly Through our Window

We're having: tomato, caramelized onion, herb egg casserole (if I call it a quiche, will you respect me more?); maple-basted bacon; fruit plate/salad; homemade rustic honey wheat bread; mimosas; and, of course, coffee. I can't wait! How should I set the table? With the way the backyard is going, I think we can snip a few things and provide our own flowers or at least greenery. 6th Street Design School had a sweet post on Mother's Day Etsy gift ideas. Did I mention that I'm really looking forward to the brunch? Mother's Day might be my favorite holiday to cook for. This year's celebration meal is pretty simple because I have a paying gig that afternoon...

Image from Food Network

I'm doing a graduation luncheon Sunday afternoon. Now, you might be suspicious that if I'm busy that morning with brunch that the luncheon will be difficult to pull off, but don't worry because the menu is simple, and most of it is easily prepared beforehand. In fact, most of what they want just requires assembly and not actual cooking. We're doing a few types of sandwiches (chicken salad, pimento cheese, etc.), pasta salad, fruit plate, cheese plate, brownies, and vanilla cupcakes. I like a tarragon chicken salad, but this family has requested The Lunch Box's chicken salad, which I've never had (I'm always tempted by their egg salad), so I think I need to go do some research tomorrow.

Image from Urban Spoon


Anonymous said...

you will enjoy the chicken salad, i have been on a mission to find cowtwon's best chicken salad and the lunch box ranks right up there as one of the best!

ally007 said...

just enjoyed their chicken salad for lunch today, and it was lovely. moist, colorful, and not too chunky. i wondered myself how they put it together...
hope your catering is a success- so fun!