Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weak Vocal Chords and my Worry

Maybe it's a Boston thing because Lu has a really strange growl and a fairly flimsy bark. The only time she really barks at anything is if something surprises her and scares her a little. Her bark sounds like this: Buh. Buh. It happens so rarely that every time I hear her do it I ask myself, "What was that? Was that a bark?"

Since we're on the subject, guess who escaped from the backyard yesterday and was found ON HULEN?! Thanks to Sarabeth, Kristi, and Jen for looking for her on the spur of the moment. I still feel dread thinking about it.


Sara said...

Maybe Lu should go with Werner to daycare everyday. They would take real good care of her. She would get breakfast, lunch, and even an afternoon snack. You know that they both would love it.

Kerry said...

Oh wow! That's SO SCARY!!! Glad she was found safe and sound.

Beth Wooten said...

It was really scary. The wind blows our gate open sometimes, and she just runs out.

I should send her with Werner... except she would steal everyone else's snacks, like she did out of his snacky cup the other day. :)