Monday, December 27, 2010

A Canopy and Some Ruffles

We sewed and hung a canopy for Bradly this weekend. This was my second try after a frustrating bout with staples and trying to shape those pleats on the fly with the whole heavy mess draped over my head. This approach--tacking the pleats with a few key stitches and using molding to secure it all to the wall and ceiling--worked much better.

I also added trim to her crib skirt... and I like the idea of it, but I think the color is off.

I started by trying to sew on the little corsage/rosettes that people were doing on t-shirts a la J.Crew for awhile, but I couldn't get them to look right, and I realized it would take me forever to do the whole crib skirt, so I used an off-white scrap to make a ruffle. Unfortunately, the bumper pad and canopy and curtains are all in a darker, creamier shade than the ruffle and pom pom trim. It's harder to tell in these pictures, but in person, it looks off. It just doesn't tie together very well. I have a feeling I'm going to be tearing out that ruffle and replacing it with one from the canopy scraps.

I still haven't attached the ties to the bumper pad, but here's a close up of the inside. Sorry, no fitted sheet yet.

Yep, I'm definitely going to replace that ruffle. The crib skirt just doesn't look like it goes with everything else, but at least I've had some ruffle practice now, and I feel like we've made some progress in there.


Carter said...

The color is fine. The design and craftmanship is divine. Or something like that...

Kristi said...

It's SO cute! I really can't tell a color difference in the pictures! It looks absolutely precious! What a cute idea!!!

monique said...

be-ut-i-ful!! i just think you are so talented to have done all of that! that canopy looks fabulous and the color really looks great! oh bradly your room is to die for :)