Thursday, December 16, 2010

EEEEEEE!!!!!! and also OH. EM. GEE!!!!!!

David Leibovitz will be in Fort Worth January 14 at Central Market.... AHHHH! If you think I won't use my big fat preg belly as a battling ram to knock other women down in order to get into this class, YOU ARE SO WRONG. SO WRONG. Carter, take note: I don't care if I am actually IN LABOR--I will be in this class. MARK MY DRAMATICALLY CAPITALIZED WORDS.

This is what they have planned:

David Lebovitz, Award Winning Cookbook Author, Pastry Chef, blogger, Culinary Tour Leader

Discover the complexity and satisfaction of desserts with a little zing. David Lebovitz, a master of creating enticing endings, will introduce you to a number of techniques that you'll want to include in your repertoire. The subtle flavors of citrus will wake up your palate in these tempting finales:

  • Meyer Lemon-Buttermilk Ice Cream Sandwiches with Nonfat Gingersnaps;
  • Spiced Hot Chocolate Cakes with Caramelized White Chocolate;
  • Candied Tangerines & Dark Chocolate Shards;
  • Goat Cheese Souffles with Mixed Citrus Compote in Sparkiling Champagne & Yuzu Jelly;
  • and Tangerine Floating Island with Blood Orange Caramel

My status is confirmed.

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caroline | surprised by joy said...

I am really far behind on catching up on blogs, so I am seeing this two weeks after the fact, but JEALOUS, OH MY GOSH, SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!