Friday, December 3, 2010

Nursery Progress

We repaired and cleaned up a chair for Carter (because he's too good for just a stool). He declared with great drama that he would never sit on the stool. It was like a vow or something. All I can say is that I used a lot of hot glue and Endust on that wicker.

I hung some pictures (with bows!).

The changing table has a bulletin board, basket, lamp, and pad... but no pad cover yet. I tried to hide that still-in-box Diaper Genie back there to the right, but it's insistently peeking out anyway. Curtains need to come down soon. The linen and shelf brackets cradled on the changing pad are awaiting their lofty destiny elsewhere.

I sewed velcro to each crib skirt panel and to the frame of the crib so that 1) they could be easily removed for washing and 2) they could be easily removed to access to storage space underneath the crib. They're pretty humble right now, but stay tuned for a mean flowery trim coming soon.

The bumper pad panels have been cut out and artfully draped where they will eventually go. I'm thinking of it as an avant garde kind of bumper pad installation. The mattress pad and crib sheet are soon to be Dreft-ed and installed.

Look, I made pillow cases out of my leftover scraps from the bumper pad velveteen and bulletin board damask. Good for those of us around here who need extra lumbar support.


monique said...

wow! i just adore what you have done with those frames around the armoir! sweet bradly has such a talented mom :)

Molly said...

ah! it looks so great....i love it all!!!!

Carter said...

i have to maintain some authority and dignity around there. :D

Beth Wooten said...

"No matter be the fabric silk or velvet or the finest of leathers, I vow that my blessed buttocks will never rest-nay, never touch--that damned gray stool of my goodwife."

Michele said...

I love it! Your nursery is gorgeous. Well done!

Jennifer said...

It's so lovely and feminine and serene! Are you for hire??