Monday, August 17, 2009


Ms. Mindless likes to talk about baby names all the time, and she just mentioned Blythe as a pretty girl name. I think I love that. We're not having babies anytime soon, but isn't it pretty, and doesn't it have the nicest connotations? Sounds like blithe... joyful, carefree, mirthful. Also, reminds me of this Blythe.

Gilbert Blythe. Wonderful, destined for Anne, Gilbert Blythe. I was in LOVE with Anne of Green Gables growing up. OBSESSED. Did you read Anne? It wasn't just one book, you know. It was a whole series, and I read them all. Multiple times. I considered Anne one of my best friends. I watched her on the Disney Channel and PBS. Anne might be why I went into teaching and why I loved reading so much. Anne with an "E," struggling with her red hair and lack of puff sleeves. I loved her relationship with Gilbert: intellectually sparring, frustrating one another, eventually close friends, and later married with like eight kids or something.

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TNC said...

I, too, loved Gilbert. And Anne. And Diana. And Matthew. I was a little irritated with Gilbert in the first Anne movie when he would say, "I'm soooorry, Anne." For some reason the "sorry" has remained a burr in my relationship with the Avonlea crew.
Missing you all and loved the house tour.