Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New York: Songs and Schedules

Do you know "A Heart in New York" by these two? "New York like a scene from all those movies... Here's to you, New York..." and so on. I went through a Simon & Garfunkel phase.

There's also "NYC" by these guys.

I have New York on the brain because we're going to Cooperstown and NYC in late October with some friends, which means I will be wearing a coat and boots and skipping through crisp leaves. If you're lucky, I'll post my fully gridded, labeled, verified schedule later, but our loose itinerary right now is to go to Cooperstown for the weekend, visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame (yessss!) and local brewery. Then we'll head back into Manhattan Sunday where the following will happen:

1. Carter will make out with Eric Ripert.

2. We'll rest on these benches.

3. Jen and I will take in Wicked (most likely sans spouses).

4. I will reenact this whole scene while standing in line at Zabar's... "Rose. That is a lovely name." "Zip, zip." "One dollar. That's all I have. One dollar." "And I'm Henry." "Happy Thangsgibing back." (Stop me.)

5. We'll watch this guy play young Hamlet. (Afterwards, we'll ask him if he's impregnated any more nannies lately.)

5. We'll spiral our way up to the top of the Guggenheim, muttering "I don't get it."

So what else should we do? I'm open to suggestions.

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