Monday, August 17, 2009

Cote de Texas, Jenny, and a Few Ruffles

Do you read Cote de Texas? (Kitty, I'm thinking of you.) To me, Cote is wonderful... despite living in Houston. No offense, Houstonians. And to me, she is a fancy schmancy, but not stuffy, interior designer. Take this with a grain of salt though because in the Wooten estate, if it's not from the side of the road or Target, it's pretty fancy.

Anyway, she loves seagrass! white linen slipcovers! french antiques! I confess that I know nothing about french antiques or quality Belgian linen or much of anything that she talks about, but Cote is teaching me! I also confess that her style is not exactly my style--I have a weakness for bright colors and as many patterns as I can stuff into a room. Working on it. Moreover, I am not one for ruffles unless it's in J.Crew form. oooor Anthropologie. They have a monopoly on ruffles. Right? I know. Actually, maybe I am one for ruffles on my person but just not on my couch.

Chocolatey Anthro ruffles. Yum-O! (Here, I am making fun of, not supporting, Rachel Ray. What of it? She's a scratchy-throated irritant.)

Crew's blushing rosy ruffles. "My colors are blush and bashful."

This post just went skidding off topic. Back on track... Cote de Texas recently had a discussion on "small," stylish houses, and someone named Jenny was featured close to the end of the post. Um, I just want to mention in an nonchalant way that I KNOW JENNY! Jenny is a style queen! I met her through my equally design saavy former neighbor, and let me tell you that they are both inspirations. If you go to the link, Jenny's house is about 3/4 of the way down in the post, and you will love it. Here's a glimpse of her living room. Hope she doesn't mind that I stole her picture!
You'll want to burn your own house down. I'm not being hyperbolic--You really will. I tempted to put a link to Jenny's blog on here, but I haven't asked, and she hasn't given me permission... Maybe I'll add it later.


The Hayden Family said...

I am on cloud nine. Thanks for the shout out! Feeling like a celeb after your kind words!

Cote de Texas said...

LOVE THIS!!!!! You know Jenny? Wow, I would love to see her hosue in person - she has such great style. Does she have a web site?

thanks again so much!!!

kawooten said...

You're getting to be a celebrity blogger by your responses! Thanks for the nod -- Joni's still my fave, even tho I'm not a "ruffle gal" either! love you - Kitty