Monday, August 10, 2009

You should...

You should go to my friend Molly's blog. Molly is my oldest friend, and she's having a baby named Jack, and her nursery is CUTE. Jack himself will no doubt be quite cute--we're talking dark hair, olive skin, and blue eyes like both his parents--the ladies will love little Jack. Additionally, Molly has one of the all time greatest dogs, Vincent, to whom I once fed so much cheese he threw up, and she has a weatherman husband who now has a beard.

Also, you should go to my beautiful sister-in-law Monique's blog. Monique is the most fashionable person I have ever known. Don't ever stand next to Monique because you will look like a giant warty troll by comparison. When my in-laws see us coming, they say, " Look, there's cute Monique, and there's that surly man-ish one." I don't know how I lucked out in getting such a fun, sweet, spunky sis-in-law.

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Molly said...

oh, vincent and the cheese...weren't we trying to teach him to roll over? for every roll, a piece of cheese? really?