Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cleaning Up at the Shower

Look at my brilliant and beautiful hostesses! These girls know how to throw a party.

Music? Awesome playlist especially created for the event.

Food? Watch out cuz you about to pig out on yogurt parfaits and fancy cheeses and petit fours.

Tablescapes? They lay out a mean fallish book theme.

Personal touches? We got the inside of Corduroy Bear as a sign-in book, ladylike tea party action, Tazo tea bag party favors, low-key children's book quiz, and my own personal mug.

I've shamelessly stolen all these pictures directly from Molly's blog because I liked the image collages... and because I couldn't figure out how to save pictures from Shutterfly. I'm a dumb.

Mom and Sara were there, looking hot.

Molly made this awesome banner for Miss Charlotte Bradly. Bradly told me she loved it.

We socialized.

I got a little weepy reading what everyone wrote for their inscription in the book.

Yeah, I got to keep all those centerpiece books. Word.

We ate like champs.

Our bouncer, Jack, kept out the riff raff.


Molly said...

yay for showers!

Kristi said...

Hehe! This is great! I loved the shower! The girls did a great job! You look precious! I can't wait to see your little one come February!

Great seeing you guys yesterday too!