Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Observations from Jury Duty Part II

Universal Observations:

Don't wear boots when you have to go through security.

When told they won't have access to a bathroom for over an hour, women turn into wild beasts, trampling each other to get to the ladies' room.

People don't listen to instructions.

People don't listen to other people's questions and like to reword the exact same question and ask it again. For the fun.

People freak their freak when told they can't eat for an hour and a half.

Most people really want to follow the rules and not get in trouble. Older women are especially concerned.

Personal Observations:

I shouldn't freak out about being a few minutes late because, at this kind of party, there will probably be someone much more tardy than I and there's no way they're starting on time anyway.

Riding the bus isn't too bad.

I love sweater weather!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a priceless slice of humanity. So glad you survived, and so glad I wasn't there. I canNOT handle that many people freaking their freak.