Friday, November 5, 2010

You're Amazing

We had our most interesting Craigslist transaction to date last night. The buyer had been sending me essay length text messages for a few days, each punctuated with excessive exclamation marks. Last night was the hand off, but they were a little late because they got in an accident on their way to our place. When I told her coming late wasn't a problem she texted, "You're amazing! I feel bad, I don't even know your name!!" I'll confess I got a little weirded out by a potential Craigslist crazy being superfluously friendly. When they showed up, the buyer was indeed a sweet, sweet girl who was clearly high out of her mind. Slurring and mild stumbling and loving every single thing in our living room. This explained so much.

We completed our transaction, and away she went, giggling with delight over her vintage yellow trunk.

The End


Jennifer said...

I feel like I would like to slip that into all of my future Craigslist transactions. "The dresser is 30" tall? Oh thanks, you're amazing!" I mean, bless her for leaving you with a colorful story.

monique said...

oh wow...yup best craigslist exchange i have yet're amazing!!!!! :)