Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Observations from Jury Duty Part I

Universal Observations:

The court system provides a fascinating cross section of humanity.

Some people like to talk to strangers a lot. Some people don't.

People are freaked out (and sometimes belligerent) about missing work and losing their jobs right now.

In a group of a thousand local people, chances are you'll know a couple of them.

A collective groan makes everyone feel better about waiting.

Scarves, although cute, can make your whole body really hot and sometimes make you feel like you're suffocating and dying.

Personal Observations:

I seriously don't like to sit in the middle of a mass of hundreds of people. Against a wall is better.

I should always carry a pen, but I don't.

When I'm feeling like I'm about to pass out, sitting on the toilet is a gross option, balancing on the sink is too precarious, so sitting right on the bathroom floor will have to do.

Old ladies will take care of you if you're in a jam.

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